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Welcome to Preschool I!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful summer! It Is hard to believe that the new school year has begun. I am excited for all the full and learning that this year will bring.


Our Tools of the Mind theme for this month is “Family.” We will be transforming each of our learning centers into different parts of our house; bedroom, living room, laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, and a garage.



This month for literacy, we will be working on recognizing our names and we will also begin to work on recognizing uppercase letters! I also will be introducing our Tools of the Mind literacy games; letter hopscotch and the sound map.



This month for math, we will be working on reviewing numbers one through five. We will also work on one to one correspondence, counting, and identifying numbers. I also will be introducing our Tools of the Mind math games; remember and replicate and a fun game called ” I have, Who has…”.


Science and Social Studies

This month for math and social studies we will be learning all about the monarch butterfly. We have been raising caterpillars in our classroom. We have observed each one make it’s own chrysalis and then we have been waiting for them to transform into beautiful monarch butterflies! Once they transform, we release them on our playground and wave goodbye as they start their journey to Mexico.



Each afternoon we will be going to each of our specials classes; Art, Music, Acting, and Tumbles.


Important Dates to Remember

September 6th- First day of School!

September 17th- Back to School Night at 7:00.

September 19th- School Closed for Yom Kippur.

-Ms. Tamn


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