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Welcome May!

Well, we’ve made it to May – our last full month of school! Many of our three year olds are now becoming four year olds, and they are getting taller by the day. All month we’ll be working on some final skills to prepare us for the KI classroom.

For the month of May, our Tools of the mind theme is restaurant! We are working hard to transform our centers into our favorite restaurants – Polar Cub, a pizza shop, a taco stand, a drive thru, and a diner.


These last few months of school, we’re focusing on reviewing all of the letters of the alphabet we have already been introduced to. We’re all experts on uppercase letters, so this time around we will especially focus on the formation of the lowercase letters and the sounds that the letters make. We’ll also be reviewing many of the shapes we have learned in graphics practice this school year.


This month in math, we will be learning all about measuring. We will begin by learning and reviewing some comparative language pairs such as big/small, long/short, heavy/light, more/less, etc. These word comparisons are so important to understand before we begin using them when we measure. We will then move on to measuring with non-standard units. This means that rather than measuring by inches or pounds, we will measure items by apples or cubes. We will also measure how tall we are in a fun craft with flowers.

Science and Social Studies

This month we will be learning all about transportation and things that go. We will discuss travel by land, water, and air. We will also explore some less-common modes of travel such as parachutes and hot air balloons.


All students will take part in weekly specials that include acting, music, Tumbles, and art.

Important Dates:

• Wednesday, May 8 @ 2:45pm – Mother’s Day Tea

• Monday, May 27 – No school for Memorial Day


Mrs. Hall


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