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Welcome June!

Happy June!


Welcome June! We had such an amazing year full of wonderful memories!


Literacy- We have learned so much over the year! We love learning our sounds and using the sound map! This month, we cannot wait to use our sound knowledge to create more words. We will also read songs, poems, and stories about our themes; Hospital and Hide a Butterfly. 

Writing- We have become wonderful writers over the course of the year! It all began with creating a visual representation of our message. Now, the children are writing sentences with their outstanding kid spelling and have taken ownership of the writing. In June, we are going to have a blast continuing to work on our writing through the use of play plans and story writing. We love practicing our sight words during graphics practice and then using them in our own messages.

Math- We have learned tons in Math this year! We loved exploring manipulatives as well as sorting and making patterns with them! We loved learning about our numbers. We learned to write them, count them, and the value of them. We used counting to build early addition and subtraction knowledge. Now, we are working on measurement and are having a great time!


Science- We have enjoyed learning so many cool and interesting things this year! This month, our unit is Hide a Butterfly. We will be talking about butterflies, what kind of flowers and plants they like, the different stages of a butterfly’s life cycle, and how they keep themselves safe in nature. We are also looking forward to planting new flowers in the WHP butterfly garden! 

Social Studies-We will continue to develop our final play theme, Hospital. We have created our scenarios and are now excited to add problems and come up with solutions for them. Some of the problems that we will incorporate are: the emergency room is packed and the patient has to wait, there is construction on the highway and the ambulance is trying to get to a patient, and the baby has a fever. We love brainstorming how best to solve a problem and then acting it out!

Thank you everyone for an outstanding year! We truly appreciate all the support from the families and community. It really made this year a wonderful one! The children have learned so much and we have so many wonderful memories together. The K1 class consists of an amazing group of children that I know will go on to do great things!

Mrs. Schroeder and Miss Sladden 🙂

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