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Welcome Back!

Can you believe September is here already? This summer flew by and we are back in our preschool classroom for another fun and exciting year of learning.

For the month of September, our Tools of the Mind theme is family! We will transform our classroom into the different rooms of a house and learn about the different members of a family.


In the month of September we will be learning all about our own names. We will notice the first letter in our name and our friend’s names. We will also count how many letters are in each of our names. This month we will begin to notice print in the classroom and learn why letters and words are important. We will also be introduced to the Letter People who will help us learn letters all year.


This month we will be introduced to some of our special collections and begin to explore independently with those. The collections include rocks, keys, buttons, caps, and seashells. We will also be introduced to the concept of sorting and begin to sort some of our collections by color, shape, and size.

Science and Social Studies

The month of September is all about Monarch butterflies. We will have some in our classroom that will go through the entire life cycle, and then we will release them as a class when they are ready. We will learn about each stage of the Monarch’s life cycle as well as their migration pattern to Mexico. We love Monarch butterflies!


All students will take part in weekly specials that include music, Spanish, Chinese, art, acting, and karate.

Important Dates:

•First day of school is Thursday, September 5

•No school on Monday, September 30 for Rosh Hashanah


Mrs. Hall


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