587 Route 22 East, Whitehouse Station, NJ

Violin Classroom

Violin classes are offered at Whitehouse Preparatory School. The emphasis, building a musical foundation for each child, ensures that performing grows out of confidence. Our Lessons develop physical technique while nurturing the rising string player’s oral skills thereby ensuring ease both in singing on pitch as well as in moving rhythmically. Classes meet twice weekly for thirty minutes. KI Violin The children begin to build Rhythmic and Tonal foundations through oral echoing of the musical patterns. I introduce the physical aspects or technique independently of the musical challenges. KII Violin With developing readiness the children find comfort learning to play the songs that they have been singing. They learn that music requires teamwork as they hear how a melody fits into its accompaniment. Each child learns to enter rhythmically for an assigned phrase thus beginning to understand the essence of ensemble as well as the nature of form in music.

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