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September 2018
Dear Parents,
Welcome to Kindergarten II! I am very excited to begin a tremendous growing year for your child! I am looking forward to an awesome year of learning and teaching. Here is some important information for you to know about our classroom routines.

Backpacks– It is very important for your child to bring in a backpack every day. I will use it to send home finished work and notices with our Take-Home-Folder.
Take-Home Folder- I will be sending home a Take-Home-Folder everyday. In that folder will be important papers for you to check each day. I wold like to for you use the Take-Home-Folder for any notes or papers that you are sending to me as well. This will be a place for daily communication from me to you. Please return it to school in your child’s backpack everyday.
Returning Paperwork– We often send home notices that require signatures. If a due date appears on the forms, please do not hesitate to send in those forms earlier than the due date.
Notes from Home- Please place any notes from you regarding dismissal changes or any other correspondence in your child’s folder and then I will be sure to get it.

Homework– Your child will be getting literacy homework and math homework as well. I will be giving the homework sheet to the After-the School Bell program teachers who will do the homework with your child during the after school program. If your child does not attend the after the school bell program, I will be sending home the homework sheet on the first day of each month. Please have your child return his/her homework daily. When your child is finished with the whole month’s literacy homework, he or she will get a reward for their hard work and you will get a copy of the homework sheet sent home. If you would like an additional copy of the homework sheet during the month that we are doing the homework, just let me know and I will give you a copy as well.
Guest Readers- I would like to have at least one family member for each child read a story to the class during your child’s VSP week. You will be getting more information about things to do for your child’s VSP week. You will also get a note telling you when your child’s VSP week is and you can let me know who the guest reader will be and when you would like to come in. It is always enjoyable to have moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles or even brothers and sisters in to read. I will make every attempt to accommodate you and your busy schedules.

Parent Helpers– I will need journal makers, cutting out help, help making manipulatives, chaperones and classroom station help. Please let me know if you would like to help out with any of these activities.

Changes of Clothing– Please make sure that you send in a change of clothing as soon as possible. Please put your child’s clothing in a large ziplock bag. The clothing will be kept in your child’s cubby. Please make sure that whatever you send in is appropriate for the season that we are in. Please send in a new outfit if your child sends home soiled clothing.
Picture- Please send in one 3×5 picture of your child for our attendance charts as soon as possible.

Gingerbread Man–  We will read the story of The Gingerbread Man and then we will decorate a big gingerbread cookie of our own.  We will put him in the school oven and when we go back to get him, he will run away. He will leave lots of clues behind for us.  By following the clues, we will become familiar with many parts of our school building and we met important staff members like the Mrs. Terentiev, Miss Tamn, Mrs. Schroeder and Ms. Edwards. The last clue will lead us back to our room where that sneaky little gingerbread man will leave the children something special before he runs away again. He will keep on running! (He is not running but we are going to pretend that he is.) I am hoping that you can help to make this an exciting adventure this school year. I would like to collect a postcard from as many U.S. States as possible. You can help by sending a postcard from places that you go on vacation to, or places that family members live. Just write on the postcard a short note to our class saying that you spotted the Gingerbread Man in that state. We will keep track of our Gingerbread Man’s travels. It will be really exciting getting mail and learning a little geography at the same time! At the end of this article, I will leave my school address for you to send postcards to.
Tree Nut/Peanut Allergies– We do have a students in our class who have tree nut/peanut allergies. Our snacks at school will be tree nut and peanut free and please make sure that the lunches you send in for your child are tree nut and peanut free as well.
Art Smock– Please make sure that your child sends in a smock for Art Class and messy classwork as soon as possible.
I am looking forward to an exciting year of working with you and your child this year. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Mrs. Judy Serra

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