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Fall News in KII


Happy fall to all!!

Dear Parents,
The new season of fall has arrived and things are beginning to fall into place in our classroom. The children have learned our classroom routines and they are following them nicely. They are off to a great start!
I am going to share with you each of the subject areas and what we will be doing over the next couple of months.
Thanks for stopping in and happy reading!
Mrs. Judy Serra


In literacy the children… will be developing their comprehension skills with many retelling activities. The phonemic awareness skills that will be covered are rhyming words, isolation of beginning and ending sounds of the letters M,S,R,T, P,C and the sound of short a. We will be blending these sounds to make words. Sight words will be worked on in shared reading and writing. The words that we will be covering are a, my, the, I and like. With our shared reading we will also be concentrating on the concepts of print. They will be encouraged to read and write top to bottom and left to right.
In Writing Workshop the children will be working at their own levels of writing depending on their letter/sound knowledge. All of the children have learned to use their treasure boxes and the doors of writing for ideas. They are verbally telling stories and beginning to write those same stories on paper. I am encouraging them to use letters and words that they know. They are beginning to use letters and our sight words. They love to use our “Word of the Day” cards. The children are writing stories about the gingerbread man, their families. They love to use their imaginationas and their creativity is truly amazing!

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In math the children will be very busy learning their shapes. The tricky ones are trapezoid, hexagon and rhombus. They will also be counting to 31, by 2’s, by 5’s and by 10’s to 100. They will be working on number writing and they will be learning the number rhymes for how to correctly print the numbers. Station work will be in patterning and sorting while finding common attributes. They will be busy mathematicians.

Science and Social Studies

In Social Studies the children will be working on their social skills by learning to work as a polite community member in our classroom. They are learning to share and work together as a wonderful team of learners. They will also be learning about Native Americans and the Pilgrims. We will have a special Sharing Day where we will be working with the KI children. We will be reflecting on what we are thankful for and sharing these thoughts with others.
In Science the children will be finishing up working on our Senses Unit. They will be learning about the five senses that they have and just how important they are. Learning how these senses help them to become keen observers of our world is the main goal of this unit. Going to the on nature walks and looking observing what they see will be a time when we can use our senses to observe first hand the changes that the season of fall bring. We will be looking for signs of fall and the children can bring in items to put in our science center for observation. As you can see, the children will be working like real scientists.

The children will be growing and developing as the season unfolds. Enjoy this special time of year!

Happy fall!!
Mrs. Serra


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