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November is Here!

Happy November!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, K1 is taking the time to talk about what we are thankful for!

Language Arts– This month, we are excited to celebrate Thanksgiving with poems and songs. The children love reading along to the large print of the playful poems. We will also be reading books about Thanksgiving and different restaurant experiences. We will be working on our writing grip and our letter formations through our graphics practice!

 Writing- We are so excited to start our new theme of Restaurant! We will be transforming our centers to relate to our new theme and we love developing/acting out different scenarios. This month we will continue to work on line length, line sweep, our sight word knowledge, and trying to isolate the beginning sound/letter of each word! We will learn to use our sound maps to help us figure out which letter it could be. We love working on our scaffolded writing every day with our play plans and we are excited to develop these skills further through the use of our write along activity.


Math– It is very important for children to become familiar with ways to organize/sort information so that they can begin to see relationships and draw their own conclusions. We are continuing to become sorting experts throughout the month of November! We will go on our sorting walks as well as play our attribute and math memory games. We will explore the following shapes: triangle, square, and rectangle, through the use of our venger drawing activity.

Science/Social Studies-We are looking forward to exploring the different food groups through the use of the MyPlate guide. We will even be transforming our classroom into different restaurants/food places to help us practice what we are learning about! We will also take some time to talk about what we are thankful for in honor of Thanksgiving.

Mrs. Schroeder and Miss Sladden 🙂

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