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Mrs. Serra’s Tips For Teaching Kindness

Our school encourages all children to be bucket fillers.  Starting the first week of school the children read the story Have You Filled a Bucket Today by Carol McCloud and David Messing.  This story is a great way to introduce what it means to fill a friend’s bucket and why we should not be bucket dippers.  After the children read the story, then the children act out different situations  where they are either bucket fillers or dippers.

Here are some role playing situations:

  1. Saying good morning to your teacher or classmates. (Filler)
  2. Hurting someone with your hands (Dipper)
  3. Being disrespectful. (Dipper)
  4. Sharing with a friend. (Filler)
  5. Hugging a family member or friend. (Filler)
  6. Not telling the truth. (Dipper)
  7. Tattling to get someone in trouble. (Dipper)
  8. Pushing and shoving. (Dipper)
  9. Saying please and thank you. (Filler)
  10. Helping clean up. (Filler)
  11. Helping a friend read. (Filler)
  12. Cutting in line. (Dipper)
  13. Opening the door for someone. (Filler)
  14. Giving someone a compliment (Filler)
  15. Making fun of someone (Dipper)
  16. Being a bully (Dipper)
  17. Sharing your snack with someone (Filler)
  18. Asking someone to play with you. (Filler)
  19. Making someone cry (Dipper)
  20. Telling someone that they can’t play with you (Dipper)
  21. Being extra helpful to teachers and adults (Filler)
  22. Hurting someone’s feelings (Dipper)
  23. Using unkind words (Dipper)
  24. Asking someone to play with you. (Filler)

Since being a bucket filler is important, the children learn this little pledge

“I promise to do my best to be a bucket filler at school, at home, and everywhere I go.”

As the children are playing, the teacher looks for bucket fillers and compliments them.   If someone becomes a bucket dipper, the child who was hurt expresses to the dipper how they feel with an “I Message.”  Being a Bucket Filler becomes the thing to do and before you know it, the children are filling buckets of all of their friends. Acts of kindness spread all around the room!

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