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May Fun!

Welcome May!

We are so excited for a month full of Spring, learning, and fun!


Language Arts- This month, we are looking forward to celebrating May with poems and songs. We will also be reading books about our themes; Hospital and Animal Defenses. We will improve our comprehension skills this month by listening to amazing stories like How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? and How Do You Hug a Porcupine? We will be working on writing our letters, sight words, and practicing our sounds. We will also be working on our short and long vowels sounds. 

In writing, we are looking forward to using our wonderful kid spelling during our play plans. Our ability to isolate the letter sounds and blend them back together has grown so much. Our writing has really taken off! As our writing stamina builds, we will be working on using a variety of sentence starters in our plans. We will also be zoning in on using the sight words we know in our sentences!

Mathematics- We loved learning all about our numbers. We learned how to write them, count them, and the value of them. We also enjoyed some fun math games to help us with our addition and subtraction skills. This month, we are so excited to begin our measurement unit! We will begin this unit by using comparative language (longer, shorter, more, less, etc) to describe the things in our classroom. We will also practice our measuring skills through the use of nonstandard measurement (wooden blocks, string, links, and more)!

Science- This month, we are learning about Animal Defenses. We will begin by analyzing dinosaurs and how certain features and actions may have helped them stay safe from predators. We will even create our very own dinosaurs, each with its own set of defenses to protect itself! We will also talk about how camouflage, stings, flying, claws, and skin can help an animal stay safe.

Social Studies- We are so excited to transform our room into a hospital! Our centers will become the ambulance, the hospital cafeteria, the nursery, the gift shop, the emergency room, and the pharmacy. We are excited to create our scenarios and as they develop we will begin to add problems such as the ambulance has a flat tire, a patient needs a prescription filled, but the pharmacy is closed, and the emergency room is busy and the patient has to wait.


Mrs. Schroeder and Miss Sladden 🙂

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