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“Let’s Take Care of Mother Earth” is the Theme in KII

Mrs. Serra’s KII March



Dear Parents,

     March is here!  The children are so excited about the arrival of spring and being able to go outside and see first hand the signs of spring’s arrival.  During the month of March the children will be involved in our Kite Reading Project.  They will be recording all of the books that they read or you read to them on bows.  We will put these bows on their kite strings to show how many books they enjoyed this month.  In addition, the children will begin our science unit of Taking Care of Our Environment.  This will be a fun filled month for us. 

     Once again I will give you an overview of the skills that we will be working on during the windy month of March.  Happy spring!  


                              Mrs. Judy Serra







In phonics the children will be introduced to the beginning and ending sounds of Vv, Jj, and Nn.  In addition they will be introduced to the short e sound.  Now the children will be blending the consonant sounds that we learned to date with the short vowel sounds of a, e, i and o. They are going to be sounding out all three letter short vowel words with much more confidence now.  In Sharing Literature time, the children will be working on their concepts of print skills, retelling skills, predicting skills, character knowledge and sight words.  They will be introduced to the sight words come, look, for and me. Of course we will continue to work on the other sight words that we have learned to date. 


           First   Next   Then   Last   First   Next   Then   Last




During Writing Workshop the children will be writing “Lion or Lamb Day” stories, “Pot of Gold” stories and some nonfiction writing about animals and our environment.   While kid writing,  the children will continue working on telling the reader more than just one idea, spacing between their words, stretching out their words, using punctuation and they are beginning to use lowercase letters now.  This is more challenging for them and they are encouraged to use as many lowercase letters as they can.  They are checking the rubric to make sure that they are doing their best work.  Lucy led the class with using transition words to help her story flow more.  This has encouraged the class to start to use our “writing road transition words” to help their stories flow better in the middle.  They children are so excited to begin to tell a story where something happens in the middle.  Will has also inspired us to tell the details about things that are happening in the story.  Jola reminds us to use punctuation in our writing by using an exclamation point to let the reader know to read with excitement.  We are working hard every day and I am so proud of each child’s growth in writing!!


5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 90 100 110 120 130 140  



This month in math the children will continue to build their addition fact knowledge with our break apart activities such as The Partner Game.  You can play this game at home to strengthen your child’s understanding of the number fact families from 5 to 10.  They will also continue their understanding of 10 groups with connecting level activities where the children will be writing the equations. They will be writing their numbers to 100 and they will begin to use math mountain drawings to provide a firm foundation of learning addition and subtraction.  We will be graphing the weather to record how many lion days and how many lamb days we have this month as well.  



   Happy March! Happy March! Happy March! 



We will begin our recycling center in our unit of Taking Care of Our Environment.  We will be recycling, reusing and reducing the trash that we have and doing our part to take better care of the environment.  The children will be creating a “Museum of Junk Creations” with a “Rainbow of Shoe Boxes” and a “Chamber of Odds and Ends.”  They will also help to create the Whitehouse Prep Compost Bin.”  In addition, they will become responsible for setting up the Whitehouse Prep Recycling Center.  Later this month, spring will arrive and the children will be taking walks and observing the sighs of spring’s arrival.  They will observe pussy willows and be looking for forsythia flowers. They will also be graphing the weather by recording days that are like a windy lion or a gentle sunny lamb.  We will see first hand if March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.   


We will be busy stewards this month!!


Mrs. Serra

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