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KII Is Learning About the Great USA!!

Mrs. Serra’s February Newsletter


Dear Parents,


     February will be such a busy month for us!  The children will be expanding their skill knowledge as well as celebrating the special school days of Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, the 100th Day of School and President’s Day.  We will be incorporating our monthly theme of USA Pride into our learning this month.  The children will be learning about famous Americans as well as American symbols, patriotic songs and places in our great country.  This will be a fun filled month for us during which we will be learning a lot. 



Mrs. Judy Serra









In phonics the children will be blending words with the beginning and ending sounds of Bb, Kk, Ww and Xx.  In addition they will be introduced to the short o sound.  It is so exciting to see your child begin to read words now by blending the letter sounds we have learned with the short o sound.  They will be making -op, -ot and -ox words. You can encourage them to make words with the short vowel sounds at home as well.

During Sharing Literature time, the children will be working on their concepts of print skills, retelling skills, predicting skills, character knowledge and sight words.  They will be responsible for spelling correctly the sight words and , the, do, see, have, can and no. Of course we will continue to work on their individual sight word lists for word recognition as well. 





During Writing Workshop, the children will be predicting what the groundhog will do, writing about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and creating special valentines.  While kidwriting, the children will be working on writing to tell the reader more than just one idea, spacing between their words, stretching out their words and learning to use the different kinds of punctuation.  It has been so exciting to introduce them to the concept of a rubric.  I am sure that your child came home excited about drawing a blue smiley face flower.  They learned about doing their best work.  It is amazing to see them use our pencil rubric to help them include spacing, stretching out their words and punctuation in their writing.  With the use of our “writing road words” (first,next,then,last), the children will be writing with even more of a storyline now.  You can encourage them to use these words when they are verbally retelling events that you have done or stories you have read together.  The more they verbally use these words, the more they will naturally begin to use them in their writing.  I am so proud of how much each child is learning and how well they are writing! 

They are Sttttttrrrrrreeeeeettttttttttccccccchhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnngggggggg out their words!




This month in math the children will be celebrating the 100th Day of School.  This is a fun day when we will be counting to 100 many different ways and with many different items.  During the month of February the children will also be introduced to the skills of tallying, measurement, coin recognition, time to the hour and addition.  It has been so exciting watching their concrete understanding of addition or number begins to grow as they are working on number groups. They have also become very good at making teen numbers with ten groups now.  This month they will also be continuing their work on writing the numbers to 30 and recognizing equal and not equal signs.  We have also been counting by 5’s to 100.  Most of the children can do it by using their hands to help push each 5 as they count. One of the highlights of our year is learning our coins and their values with our Beanie Baby Rental Shop.  It will be open this month for Beanie Baby rentals.  The children have coin bags where they get 2 cents each day and sometimes extra bonus coins for good work.  They learn to exchange coins and make change from $1.00.  You can encourage coin recognition at home by letting them make change when you are going shopping and paying for things as well.         

        5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100



We will start off the month with a celebration of Groundhog Day.  It will be a time to predict what our weather will be and then see whether our prediction is what really happens.  We will predict what Phil will do on Groundhog Day and then keep a record of what the weather really is like until the first day of spring.  This will give us the opportunity to record the temperature as well as what the weather is like in the winter and in the early spring.  We will see if Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction was correct.



Social Studies



In social studies we will be immersed in our unit on USA Pride.  During this unit, the children will be learning about famous Americans like George Washington,Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump.  The highlight of our unit will be learning to recite the names of the 45 presidents.  Our contest will be going for the entire month of February.   Our USA excitement will take us around our great country to explore famous places and they will also be learning to recognize American symbols like the bald eagle and the Statue of Liberty.   The children will also be learning about the role of the president and they will even write a letter to our president.  Last year President Trump wrote us a letter back, hopefully he will write to us again this year.  It will be a month of celebrating the joy of being an American!!



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