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January Fun in KII!


Let it snow!  Let it snow!  Let it snow!

January News for Mrs. Serra’s Class

Dear Parents,

     I will continue to provide you with information about what is happening in our classroom with our online newsletter for each of the themes that we will be working on in class. This month our class will be working on the theme of Penguins and Their Young.  The children will be learning about penguins and their habitat.  It will tie in nicely with the winter observations that they are experiencing themselves. I will integrate our theme into our shared reading and writing experiences as well.  It is going to be an enjoyable month of learning!!  Happy Winter and Happy New Year too!!


                        Mrs. Judy Serra

In our literacy program, the children are currently working on the skills of blending to write and read words with the short a and the short i sounds in the middle.  They are combining the consonant sounds that we have learned to date to make words.  So far we have covered the consonant sounds of the letters m,s,r,t,p,c,n,d,g and f.  With our letter skill knowledge to date we are now reading decodable words with at, am, ap, it and ig endings. It is so exciting to see them begin to read our decodable books!  As we move into our new unit of study, the children will be learning the letters l and h.  Each letter is introduced with a special song.  We will identify and write each letter, and listen for the sound that it stands for.  Remember to remind your child that we always start our letters at the top when we are writing them!!!  During small group time, I will continue to work individually with each child to focus on the strategies that will help your child become a better reader as well as their phonics skills. 



Write,write, wrote your words. Make your ideas clear.  Tell the reader what you know and what you hold most dear.

During writing workshop, the children will continue to write in their journals every day.  The children are progressing along nicely with their phoneme deletion skills of kid writing and sound making as they are writing sentences in their journals. They are experts at brainstorming their ideas, listening for as many sounds as they can in each word and writing them down. I can read their sentences without their help now!  This is a good time to empower your child to write words by themselves for you.  They could even do a shopping list of two or three things that they would like for you to get them at the food store.  They can write notes to grandma and grandpa. I will be introducing them to the concept of a rubric this month.  This will give them a tool to use to begin editing their own work.  They will begin by checking for spacing between their words.  They will all be working at making sure that their work is blue smiley face work.  This means that they are spacing and eventually they will learn to incorporate more writing skills through the use of this rubric.  It will be amazing to see how much they grow over the next couple of weeks in writing. 



In Math, we are working at making and writing our teen numbers now.  The children have learned the rhymes for the numbers 1 to 9 and they recite them as they write their numbers.  They will be working in stations with shaving cream, sand trays, salt trays, wiki sticks, clay, toothpicks and scented markers to make their tricky teen numbers. The hardest thing for them is going from left to right in correctly writing the numbers. These stations make it easier for them to correct their reversals.  You can help by working with them at home as well. We are also working on making 10 groups when we are making teen numbers.  The children will be making a teen number book with 10 groups in class.  We will also continue our study of addition facts and the children are beginning to write equations for their addition facts to 10 now. I have also been encouraging them to build their sorting skills by taking some objects and sort them one way.  Then I have them sort the same objects another way.  The children can work comfortably at making three sorts from the same group of objects.  I will continue to build this skill and have them sort them a fourth way this month.  You can do the same thing at home with common objects like buttons, coins or keys.  They should verbally tell you what their “sort” or attribute was.  I will incorporate our study of penguins into math with measuring, sorting and graphing activities.  It will be a fun filled month of learning in math!

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