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Hello Spring!


Though we haven’t had much wintry weather this season, I think we are all ready for spring to arrive! Our preschoolers long for the warm days that we can spend time outside exploring and playing together. Hopefully that glorious spring weather is right around the corner. 🙂

For the month of March, our Tools of the Mind theme is grocery! Over the next two months, we will transform our centers into different departments of a grocery store: deli, produce, bakery, delivery dock, and checkout. This is typically one of the favorite Tools of the Mind themes because of how much background knowledge the students have about this theme.


In the month of March, we will begin reviewing some of the shapes we have already learned in graphics practice. We will now really focus on holding our marker with a three-finger grip as well as making our shapes much smaller and leaving a space between each shape. We will review grass, pebbles, sticks floating on water, and puddles. During story lab, we will read books about some of the special holidays and events that are happening this month like the beginning of spring and St. Patrick’s Day


In February, we did so well working with our range cards and making our numbers many different ways. This month we will continue on with our range cards – especially focusing on our challenge numbers. Each card will have a range of three numbers: one they are comfortably and consistently counting, one number below, and one number above to challenge them. Each day they will choose one number on their range card to work with and use the number at different stations with different materials. They will then mark on their range card each day which number they chose to work with.

Science and Social Studies

This month we will be learning all about opossums. It may be an animal many of our preschool students know nothing about, but by the end of the month they will all be experts! We will learn about the size of opossums and some unique features. We will explore their keen sense of smell, learn about the mother and how many babies she has, and even their special trick of escaping from danger.


All students will take part in weekly specials that include acting, music, Spanish, Chinese, art, and karate.

Important Dates:

  • No school on Thursday, March 26


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