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Hello December!


Happy December!


December is a time for sharing, caring, and spending time with the people we love! We cannot wait to celebrate and learn together!

Language Arts- This month, we are looking forward to celebrating different holidays with books, crafts, and songs. The children love reading along! We will enjoy some fun favorites like An Otis Christmas, I Know and Old Lady Who Swallowed a Dreidel, My First Kwanzaa, and The Shortest Day. This month we will work with the story lab called story grammar. This story lab is designed to help children remember and recall story events in the correct order.                             

In Writing, we are enjoying our sit down restaurant, pizzeria, ice cream shop, cafeteria, and coffee shop. We really love writing our own message in our play plans and getting to act it out! Our lines are matching the amount of sounds we hear more and more and we are beginning to discuss punctuation as well. We have been doing a wonderful job using our sight words and writing the beginning sound/letter(s) of the words in our message. We will also continue to work on our letter strokes during graphics practice. Our fine motor/visual skills have really grown from the beginning of the year!


Math- This month, we will begin our patterning unit. We will create rhythm patterns and use dot charts to create new patterns. By using rhythms patterns, dot charts, and pattern movement activities we can learn about patterns with our whole body! This month we will practice making AB, AAB, ABB, and ABC patterns.

Science/Social Studies- This month, we are learning about the changes of Winter and how we can keep our bodies healthy and strong with our Restaurant/Healthy Me Unit. We love exploring the different food groups through the use of the MyPlate guide. Our centers really help us to practice what we are learning about. We will also spend some time learning about different holidays that are celebrated all around the world!



Mrs. Schroeder and Miss Sladden 🙂


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