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Happy New Year!

We’re so excited to be ringing in the new year in preschool! We’ve had so much fun and done so much learning so far this school year. We can’t wait to continue that in 2019!

For the month of January, our Tools of the Mind theme is Pet Vet.  The children will be working to transform our classroom into a place where we learn about taking care of pets.  We will pretend to be veterinarians and even record our notes of our checkups.  We will also have fun training our pets to have good manners.  All in  all it will be a fun month of planning and acting out scenarios that might happen at a veterinarian’s office.



We will be reading stories about pets and how to take care of them during Story Lab. We will also continue to work on our graphics practice with pebbles, half-eaten cookies, and fish bones.



We have come such a long way with our patterning skills in the past few months. This month, we will begin exploring the concept of graphing. We will begin by making graphs with our bodies and other different objects. After we grasp the concept, we will begin coloring in bar graphs on paper. There is so much you can learn from a graph, and we will talk about what each graph we make tells us.


Science and Social Studies

This month we will be learning all about houses and habitats. We will learn about our houses and why each part of it is important (i.e. door, roof, windows, chimney, and the rooms inside). We will then draw our own blueprints and create houses out of blocks and legos. This month we will also be learning about animal homes in the ocean, rainforests, grasslands, forests, deserts, and ponds.



All students will take part in weekly specials that include Acting, Music, Art, and Tumbles.


Important Dates:

•No school on Monday, January 21



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