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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! 

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Dear Parents,

     December is here and the holiday spirit is filling our classroom as well.  The entrance into our classroom will become a gingerbread house and we will be decorating it with some “scentsational” gingerbread folk and candies from around the world.  This month our theme is Fairy Tales Around the World.  The children will be reading many versions of our favorite fairy tale… The Gingerbread Man.  There are many retellings of this fairy tale in countries around the world.  They will also be reading many original fairy tales from foreign lands.  It will be a joyous and fun filled month of learning and growing!!  I am really looking forward to the excitement that we will have this month. 


                                           Mrs. Serra




In Literacy, the children will be continuing short vowel work and making words with the consonants we learned so far.  The children will continue working on the phonemic awareness skills of blending and segmenting words.  It has been so exciting to watch the children put the beginning and ending sounds of the words together with short a in the middle.  They are starting to read words on their own now.  I will be introducing the letters Gg and Ff as over the next couple of weeks.  The children will continue to build their sight word knowledge with the words like, have, on, to, go we and you.  Please reinforce these words with stories that you are reading to your child at home.  In class, we will  be reading together to build our sight word vocabulary with our big books The Gingerbread Man, The Gingerbread Baby , The Three Bears, The Rice Cake Man, The Pancake Man and other fairytales around the world.


In Writing Workshop, the children are beginning to use letters and sounds to write their words.  They are writing lists of friends and notes to each other now! I have been working with them on using their spacers to put a space down between their words.  This is helping them to read what they wrote.  In addition,they are writing a title to their stories. The children will be writing about why they are special, holiday cards and stories about small moments.  They are doing such an awesome job and I am very pleased with their overall growth and development as writers!!         

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In Math, the children will be starting a new unit on grouping concepts.  These concepts provide a foundation for understanding basic math equations.  In class, children will learn to find the ten in teen numbers (17=10+7), break apart numbers to find “partners” (6=4+2), recognize when numbers are equal or unequal;apply the concepts of more and fewer, and observe different attributes of shapes.

Being able to group numbers and shapes makes them easier to understand.  When cleaning up from play at home have your child sort the objects before putting them away.  Talk about the differences in size, shape and color.  We will continue to count groups of objects with more of an emphasis on finding and separating the ten and five groups from the total quantity.  We will be busy mathematicians.

Social Studies


In Social Studies the children will be learning about the customs and cultures of various countries around the world. Our Unit of Study is…


The children will be learning many different versions of The Gingerbread Man by reading stories of this tricky character from China, England, Isreal, Germany and Sweden.  They will also be learning fairy tales from other countries around the world as well. 

 I wish you all a very happy holiday season!!!


Mrs. Serra




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