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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! The month of December brings so much excitement to our preschool classroom. We are excited for the beginning of winter and the possibility of snow. We are excited for the many fun holidays we will be learning about. And most of all, we are excited for this special time of family and friends.

For the month of November, our Tools of the Mind theme is HOSPITAL. We will transform our centers into different areas of a hospital. We will also practice role playing doctors/nurses and patients.


In the month of December, we will be reading many stories about upcoming holidays that our families celebrate. We will also spend this month singing alphabet songs, reading alphabet books, and playing alphabet games. In graphics practice, we will review some of the trickiest lines we’ve learned so far this year. These include bowls and sticks floating on water.


This month we will further solidify our understanding of patterns. We will work on practicing those difficult ABC patterns, and we also create our own pattern mats by coloring in the squares. We will also begin working in math groups on different skills and activities. This month we will play a “Fishing for Numbers” game with a magnetic fishing pole, a beanbag number matching game, and play a dice rolling game to build our own snowmen on paper. Our counting, number recognition, and one-to-one correspondence has grown so much already since the beginning of the school year!

Science and Social Studies

This month we will be learning all about the holidays that our families celebrate. We will read stories, sing songs, and play games related to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and St. Nicholas Day.


All students will take part in weekly specials that include acting, music, Spanish, Chinese, art, and karate.


Important Dates:


•No school – December 23 through January 1

•Classes resume – Thursday, January 2



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