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Fall Fun!

Welcome October! The weather is beginning to change, as are the leaves on the trees. Fall is upon us, and we are really getting into the swing of things in our preschool classroom! We’ve been in school for almost a month and are doing a great job at the learning the rules and routines of our classroom.

For the month of October, our Tools of the Mind theme is family. We will transform our classroom into the different rooms of a house and learn about the different members of a family.


After the first month of school, most of us are able to recognize our written name and identify the first letter of our name. This month we will be reading many books together about fall and the changes that are happening outside. We will also be trying some new shapes during Graphics Practice – like pebbles which are small circles!


This month we will more thoroughly explore the concept of sorting. We will first begin to notice differences between objects, such as color, shape, and size. We will then learn to pair or group objects that are of similar characteristics. Our special collections are wonderful tools to help us learn how to sort. We have collections of buttons, rocks, seashells, nuts and bolts, jewels, beads, dry pasta, and the list goes on! We will also continue learning basic math concepts such as rote counting, one-to-one correspondence, and ordering.

Science and Social Studies

This month we will be learning all about our five senses – seeing, listening, smelling, tasting, and touching. We will begin to learn why each of these senses is important and will notice the changes of fall with our senses. We will use our sense of listening to identify fall sounds. With so many changes happening in the fall, we can learn so much by using all of our senses!


All students will take part in weekly specials that include Spanish, Chinese, acting, music, and karate.

Important Dates:

•No school on Wednesday, October 23

•Halloween Party and Parade on Thursday, October 31 at 2:45pm


Mrs. Hall


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