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Why Enroll My Child In A #Grow NJ Kids 4 Star Rated Preschool?

Why should I choose a #Grow NJ Kids Star Rated Preschool for my child?
****The preschool will ensure quality Health and Safety Standards.

****Point Number One:
State Licensing requires- 2 people in the building to be CPR certified and it does not matter what the size of the preschool is. That could be 2 people for 100 or more children in some of the facilities in Hunterdon County. (Non NJ 4 Star Rated Preschools Mandated to Do)

****Grow NJ Kids 4 Star Rated Preschools- Every teacher and every assistant in the building is CPR/Pediatric First Aide trained.
Whitehouse Prep is not only enrolled in Grow NJ Kids, we are a qualtiy program with a 4 Star Rating because we care about offering a quality preschool program! We strive for excellence!

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