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Butterfly Garden Blog

July 12,2019

A monarch was spotted at the Waystation.

July 10,2019

We have a lot of chrysalides!

June 25,2019

I found 7 eggs today and we have 2 first instars.  all of them were found at the community garden.

June 8,2019

Planting Day was a success!  Thank you to all the parents,grandparents and children who planted our coneflowers,black-eyed susans, catmint, salvia and butterfly weed!!  Our gardens are ready for the Monarchs.



May 5,2019

Community Garden Plant Sale is underway.  Order your plants today!


October 17,2018

Today we released our last two butterflies that we raised this year.  We raised 222 butterflies!! What an amazing year it was!  Our waystation and the Community Waystation were very productive in attracting and supporting the life cycle of Monarch Butterflies!  It was hard work, but worth it.  A great big thank you to all of the children,parents and community members who helped us along the way!

October 16,2018

Today our last two butterflies came out of their chrysalides. That makes 222 butterflies that we raised at Whitehouse Prep this year!  They were two beautiful girls.  They will be released tomorrow and sent off with well wishes for safe travels to Mexico!

October 10,2018

We are getting to the end of raising our butterflies for this year.  Today we released our 220th Monarch Butterfly.  We were happy that we had a sunny and warm day!


September 23,2018

We released 13 more today making our total 196 butterflies released to date!

September 20,2018

Today was our Monarch Release Send Off where we released 30 more butterflies that were tagged and ready to go to Mexico!

September 16,2018

Today we released our 130th Monarch Butterfly and we have tagged 67 of them!  We also found 3 chrysalides at the Community Garden in the strangest places- on the watering bucket and on the spout of the watering cans.  We took them to the school and we will release them and tag them as well.

September 12,2018

We released our 100th butterfly today!

September 11,2018

We released 3 more butterflies today bringing the total to 97!

September 9,2018

Today we tagged 11 butterflies that we raised from eggs.  They will be taing the pigrimage to Mexico and when they are spotted, we will be contacted.  We have raised 95 butterflies to date.


September 4,2018

We had 6 butterflies come out today.  That makes a total of 77 butterflies to date.  We also found a chrysalis at the Community Butterfly Garden!

September 2,2018

Mrs. Serra found a 5th instar caterpillar in the garden.  He was beginning to make his J.  So exciting to see him in the garden!

September 1,2018

We released 13 more butterflies,making our total raised and released to 71 buterflies!

August 30,2018

We had 6 more butterflies come out today!! That makes 59 butterflies!

Our Beautiful Garden

August 29,2018

So, we had 3 more butterflies come out today.  But we have so many more on the way!


August 25,2018

Well… we released our 50th butterfly!  She is so beautiful!

One more beautiful female butterfly emerged today.  The total is 47!

August 23,2018

Two more were released today making it be 46 butterflies raised and released to our community garden!

August 23,2018

We are starting to find lots more baby 1st instar caterpillars now and we released numbers 43 and 44 today!

August 20,2018

Well we released numbers 41 and 42 today!  They flew off happily on to our playground!

August 10,2018

We had our 14th butterfly come out today!  We released her and she flew away quickly!

August 6,2018

Our garden is growing and the flowers are blooming and there are many monarchs here now.  It is such a beautiful place for Monarchs!

August 5, 2018

This morning we released 3 more caterpillars which brings us to raising and releasing 13 Monarch Butterflies!

August 4,2018

Yeah, number ten has arrived!

August 3,2018

Mrs. Terentiev is now trained through the Monarch Teacher Network and she will be ready to teach the Preschool II Class all about  Monarchs in September!

August 3,2018

Yeah, we have a new butterfly today!  He is number 9!

August 2,2018

Today our 8th butterfly emerged.  She is so pretty.

August 1,2018

Today we released our 7th butterfly that we raised from an egg from the Community Garden.  While Mrs. Serra was at the garden yesterday, a man from Treesmith Company said that he counted 19 Monarch Butterflies at the site on Monday.  As he said, “All of your hard work is paying off!”

July 29,2018


We released three more butterflies that we raised from eggs.  That makes 6 so far this summer!

July 26,2018

We have our third butterfly raised from an egg that we found at our community garden!

July 23,2018

This is second  butterfly that we raised from an egg at the school.  We found the egg at the community garden.  It’s a boy!

July 18,2018


We found our first caterpillar on a milkweed plant at the Community Garden!  Plus we found 3 more eggs!

July 14,2018

We found a beautiful male Monarch at Cornhusker’s nectaring on the milkweed at the Community Garden.  You can tell that it is a male because it has a dot on each of its hind wings.

July 12,2018

We now have our 2nd chrysalis and little caterpillars from the eggs we gathered last week.


July 12,2018

We added the bench to the Waystation, the young milkweed patch has been set up and the native flowers are growing.  Three monarch butterflies were spotted at the site this morning.

July 8,2018

We have our educational signage at the garden thanks to Tony Serra’s hardwork and a donation from Serra Law Group!


July 4,2018

Mrs. Serra was watering the garden on a hot and sunny 4th of July afternoon and what did she find?  Two more eggs!!

July 2,2018

Well, Mrs. Serra found a Monarch Butterfly flying around at the Waystation on Sunday and she got 4 eggs.  Today the little egg that we got last week hatched and we have a new baby caterpillar.  That will be the second one that we raised from the garden and when the 4 eggs hatch , it will make 6!  It is a beautiful place for Monarchs!! They love the milkweed!

June 20,2018

Watering days have begun.  A great big thank you to the Allen,Carre, Paul and Westfield families for helping out in June!  We made the Hunterdon Review!


June 11,2018

Well…. just our luck that we have a “heat wave” and a garden that needs to be cared for.  Thank goodness for our WPS Families who are donating their time to helping out with our garden watering.  Here is our schedule:

Watering Schedule

A great big THANK YOU to all of the families who are helping out!

June 12,2018

For Immediate Release
June 12, 2018
Contact: Judith Serra, Phone: (908) 534-0026 Email: jserra@whitehouseprep.org

Whitehouse Preparatory School’s Planting Day Put the Final Touches On Their New Readington Township Community Butterfly Garden.

The staff, families,alumni and current students of Whitehouse Prep came together to plant native nectaring plants and milkweed to create a Monarch Waystation for butterflies in their sponsored Readington Township Community Garden on Sunday June 11th.

It might have been a rainy day, but that did not stop the students and families from Whitehouse Prep from planting 154 native nectaring plants in their sponsored Community Garden. “It was such a great feeling to see alumni from as far back as ten years ago and current families working together to create such a beautiful garden,” said Judith Serra,Head of School and founder of Whitehouse Prep.

The children learn about monarch butterflies as a part of their experiential science curriculum at Whitehouse Prep. One of the main objectives of the preschool and kindergarten curriculum is to learn to appreciate nature and then spread that appreciation of nature to the community as stewards of the environment. This community project gave them the perfect opportunity to carry out their stewardship for years to come. In addition to planting the plants, the families have all signed up for days to water and take care of the garden as well. According to Judith Serra, “This will give the children an opportunity to not only execute a plan that they developed but to learn responsibilty and the importance of caring for nature.” As an outcome of their curriculum “Tools of the Mind”, creating a plan and then doing what they planned is something that is taught at Whitehouse Prep.

Prehaps the most exciting thing that happened in the creation of this special community garden was that when the children and parents were creating the beds in early May, one of the children found a monarch egg on an exisiting milkweed plant. They took it back to school and fed it lots of milkweed leaves, watched it create its chrysalis and on June 12th (two days after the planting day), the monarch caterpillar emerged from its chrysalis and was released from the school. It was a great moment for the staff and children to see it fly away in hopes that it will fly to their new garden.

The teachers and staff are all trained through the Monarch Teacher’s Network and they all have a passion for making sure that this beautiful butterfly continues to exist. The newly formed Waystation at the Readington Community Garden is certified through Monarch Watch and its Waystation number is 19358. They will now document that they had their first released butterfly from the Waystation on June 12th. It very well may be the first Monarch Butterfly raised and released from a Waystation in NJ. For more information on how to create,conserve and protect Monarch Butterflies you can visit www.MonarchWatch.org.

June 11,2018

Well, this morning our butterfly came out of its chrysalis! When we opened the school this morning, the chrysalis was clear and by 7 am we had a beautiful butterfly! Our community garden is ready for her to go to! We found her there as an egg and we just finished the garden yesterday! It was just in time!

June 10, 2018

Planting Day Is A Success!

The families of Whitehouse Prep alumni and current students helped to plant polinting flowers in our Readington Township Community Butterfly Garden.  The children had fun rekindling old friendships and make new ones as well.  It was a rainy Sunday morning but that did not stop us from planting 150 milkweed and polinating flowers for butterflies.  The children planted plants they purchased from Wild Ridge Plants.  Wild Ridge Plants sold WPS families native and deer resistant perennial plants for the Community Garden.  The township of Readington preferred that we plant native species and that is what we planted.   The children each planted the flowers they ordered and put a name plate by each plant.  The gardens are now full of Blazing Stars, Rose Mallow, Wild Bergamot, Golden Ragwort and Broadleaf Mountain Mint plants.  The garden beds were all planted and arranged by the children and their families.

June 5,2018

Whitehouse Prep receives a grant from the National Resources Defense Council Green Gifts Program

Whitehouse Preparatory School is working to make their Community Monarch Butterfly Waystation  Garden a perfect environment for butterflies.  The children grew their own Butterfly Weed milkweed from seed and they got even more milkweed through a grant through Monarch Watch and the Natural Resources Defense Council Green Gifts Program. They got 32 milkweed plugs to plant in their garden along with the milkweed that they grew.  The alumni and current students also purchased native polinating plants that are deer resistant to be planted in the garden through Wild Ridge Plants.  All of these plants will be planted on our Planting Day on Sunday June 10th at Cornhusker’s Park in Readington Township.    The staff, children and families of Whitehouse Prep are very grateful to all of the parents who purchased flowers as well as the milkweed donated to our garden.

May 31,2018

A beautiful chrysalis has been formed! It will become a beautiful Monarch Butterfly in 10 to 14 days! It is going to be so exciting to see one so soon!

May 25,2018

Our Monarch caterpillar is a third instar already! We can not wait to see how much she grows over the long weekend!

May 17,2018

I am amazed to have found a Monarch egg that hatched today here at Whitehouse Prep! We were digging our beds for the Readington Butterfly Waystation and we found an egg. I took it home and it hatched today!!! This is very early for NJ! We may be able to release it for our Planting Day or Graduation!!! We are sooooo excited!

 May 15,2018

May 13, 2018

Ava, Anna and Mrs. Serra  found an egg during our Garden Bed Making Day yesterday.  Mrs. Serra took it back to Whitehouse Prep along with some milkweed from the site.  We will raise it and it might come out around our planting day.


May 12,2018

Garden Bed Making Day

A great big THANK YOU to the Bridgewater Boy Scout Troup 88, Dan Cammerer, Russell Carre, Kate and Ava Larrea,Toros Kapoian and Tony Serra for breaking ground and creating five planting beds at the Monarch Waystation Buttefly Garden site at Cornhusker’s Park in Readington Township. They began with a rainy start but they all persisted in making our plans become a reality!! Thank you all so much!

May 4,2018

Mrs. Serra told the children today about the Monarch Butterfly Waystation Garden that they are going to help create in Readington Township. She read them the story The Puddle Garden to teach them about what they would need to do to make a butterfly garden. They were excited that the milkweed plants that they have already grown will be used to make this special garden!! They are also excited to plant some native pollinating flowers there on our Planting Day, June 10th. It will be a special place for them to enjoy for years to come!

May 1,2018

Judy Serra attended a Readington Township Committee Meeting and got approval from the Township Committee and the Open Space Committee to create the Waystation.

April 2018

The Whitehouse Prep School families and staff are excited about the creation of and their Monarch Waystation certified by Monarch Watch on open space property at the Cornhuskers Park in Readington Township! This page will document the wonderful learning experience of helping Monarch Butterflies.