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Why should I choose a #Grow NJ Kids Star Rated Preschool for my child? In order to support children to the fullest extent, their family and community need to be involved in the program’s design and implementation.


****Family and Community Engagement Requirements

****Point Number Three:

For State Licensing for a Preschool there are minimal requirements if any to get parents engaged in the program. Parents are to sign off as to having read the “Information To Parents Document” and the school mush have a phone number and email address. Other than that, there are no real requirements to engage parents in the preschool program.


For a Grow NJ Kids 4 Star Rated Preschool there are requirements that need to be implemented to involve the parents and community into the program all in an effort to give the children the best foundation at a critical time in their lives. At Whitehouse Prep we offer Home Visits 2x a year, have Home Languages incorportated into the program, have parents in the classrooms sharing and working with the children, we keep the parents informed in real time with our Class Dojo app, encourage grandparents to spend time in their grandchild’s classroom with our Intergeneration Program activities, encourage parents to become active members of our family organization ARCHS, provide trainings for the parents throughout the year and we have worked together to create and maintain a Community Butterfly Garden for the extended community to enjoy and learn from.

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