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Why should I choose a #Grow NJ Kids 4 Star Rated Preschool for my child? In order to provide quality learning experiences to young children, a knowledgeable and skillful workforce is essential.



****Workforce/Professional Development Requirements
Point Number 4:

*In order to meet the mandate for professional development from NJ State Licensing, all that the staff has to do is to have 20 hours of staff development and it can be done by Staffing within the center. You can count the staff orientation and any staff meetings as training days.
****For a Grow NJ Kids 4 Star Rated Preschool there are many more days of trainings that are needed and they all must be done by research based and approved trainers through Grow NJ Kids.
At Whitehouse Prep we have 10 Days of Training in one of the Grow NJ Kids selected research based curriculums and we were observed using the curriculum correctly. All of the teachers and the staff have had training in the use of a developmental exam and screening tool and we have recorded the results three times a year and we have had that reviewed by the assessors. Teachers and teaching assistants have annual performance evaluations. Teachers plan using information from child observations, developmental assessments and parent input and these plans were reviewed by an assessor. All teaching assistants have a Child Development Associate or higher. All teachers have a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and a NJ Teaching Certificate. Teachers peer coach with each other as part of their evaluations. A Whitehouse Prep, we believe that a competent and prepared workforce is critical to quality preschool programs.

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