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Why should I choose a #Grow NJ Kids 4 Star Rated Preschool for my child? In order to provide quality learning experiences to young children, a knowledgeable and skillful workforce is essential.

    ****Workforce/Professional Development Requirements Point Number 4: *In order to meet the mandate for professional development from NJ State Licensing, all that the staff has to do is to have 20 hours of staff development and it can be done by Staffing within the center. You can count the staff orientation and any staff […]

Why should I choose a #Grow NJ Kids Star Rated Preschool for my child? In order to support children to the fullest extent, their family and community need to be involved in the program’s design and implementation.

  ****Family and Community Engagement Requirements ****Point Number Three: For State Licensing for a Preschool there are minimal requirements if any to get parents engaged in the program. Parents are to sign off as to having read the “Information To Parents Document” and the school mush have a phone number and email address. Other than […]

Why should I choose a #Grow NJ Kids Star Rated Preschool for my child? ****Curriculum and Learning Environment Requirements

*****Point Number Two: For State Licensing in the State of New Jersey there is no requirement for training for teachers and assistants in a research based curriculum. They could just go online and find fun things to do as curriculum without having any coherence or even being developmentally appropriate and there is no accountability that […]

Nature Explorers On the Playground

As a part of our Little Owl’s Summer Camp, the campers explore the playground to see what they can find.  They enjoyed looking at the flowers and finding white butterflies, bees and ladybird beetles.  They made their own binoculars to watch the birds and see what kinds of birds were on the trees around them […]

WPS Affordable Tuition Plan

    Whitehouse Prep Offers Financial Assistance to Hunterdon and Somerset Families in Early Childhood Education Whitehouse Preparatory School is a well-established school for ages 2 and a half to 6 years offering Pre-school through Kindergarten programs.  Starting in the upcoming 2018-2019 school year, they are launching a new initiative called their “Affordable Tuition Plan.” This […]

Planting Day Is A Success!

The families of Whitehouse Prep alumni and current students helped to plant polinting flowers in our Readington Township Community Butterfly Garden.  The children had fun rekindling old friendships and make new ones as well.  It was a rainy Sunday morning but that did not stop us from planting 150 milkweed and polinating flowers for butterflies. […]

Whitehouse Prep receives a grant from the National Resources Defense Council Green Gifts program.

Whitehouse Preparatory School is working to make their Community Monarch Butterfly Waystation  Garden a perfect environment for butterflies.  The children grew their own Butterfly Weed milkweed from seed and they got even more milkweed through a grant through Monarch Watch and the Natural Resources Defense Council Green Gifts Program. They got 32 milkweed plugs to […]