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April Fun!

Happy April!

Welcome April! We are so excited for a month full of Spring, learning, and fun!

Language Arts- This month, we are looking forward to celebrating April with poems and songs. We will also be reading books about Spring, chicks, and eggs.

Our comprehension and listening skills will improve through some great books such as Barnyard Hullabaloo, Down on the Farm, and The Cow Loves Cookies. We love listening to the stories and reflecting by drawing our favorite part. We will also be working on sequencing events and using words like first, then, next, and last with the story There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick.

In Writing, we have been doing such a wonderful job writing our own sentences and using punctuation. We will be working on using different strokes from graphics practice to help us with our letter writing. We will continue practicing our sounds/letters through the use of our sound map/play plans and fun games like Elkonin Boxes ll. 

Mathematics- This month, we will continue our Numbers and Counting Unit. We will be working making number values in our number stations using different manipulatives. We will work on numbers that are just right for each of us! We are doing a great job counting and practicing our number games like Race to Trace, Listen and Count, Clear the Board, and the Making Collections Game. We will also begin to explore word problems!

Science/Social Studies- This month, we are learning all about Eggs. We will be discussing what an egg is, what kind of animals come out of eggs, and what different eggs look like. We are also really looking forward to having our very own chick eggs hatch! We can’t wait to welcome them into our K1 class!


                                                               Mrs. Schroeder and Miss Sladden 🙂

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