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Whitehouse Prep Experiences from Families

At Whitehouse Preparatory School, we are fortunate to have knowledgeable parents who appreciate the quality of our program and who know that giving their child a strong foundation in basic, though essential, skills leads to future academic success. Our parents also know that small class sizes and individualized attention enables the teacher to craft an educational program according to the unique needs of each student – the right environment for a child to develop confidence and a genuine love of learning. Here is what a few of our parents have said about Whitehouse Prep:

I want to thank you for being one to have taught me the skills I have needed to be successful in school since leaving Kindergarten. I recognize the importance of a solid foundational education in a child’s personal and academic development, and I would not have had that if it were not for you and the other teachers I came to know at Whitehouse School. I appreciate and admire the passion for early childhood education that you displayed in helping me grow into the person I am today, and that you continue to exemplify at Whitehouse Prep.

─ Taylor C., Former Student of Judy Serra

Best decision we could have made for our son!

─ Trish Lorusso Warrington

A diamond in the rough! This was the best decision I’ve made enrolling my 2 kids in WHP! Best private school in Hunterdon County.

─ Charmaine Young Barrett

Shortly after our son’s fourth birthday, my husband and I began to contemplate his academic future. Since I have a teaching background my expectations are very high, and my husband and I wanted the best possible placement for him. Knowing the benefits of a full-day versus a half-day program, my husband and I quickly decided against the preschool freely available to us in our town since it was in the latter category. We began to research other options and happened upon the web page for Whitehouse Prep. We were intrigued by the purpose behind the founding of the school, and we were also captivated by the curricula. Immediately we made an appointment for a tour of the school. From the instant that we entered the “little school house” we were inspired, and we knew that there could be no other placement for our son. Adrian began Pre-K at Whitehouse Prep on September 9, 2013, and he has excelled beyond our deepest hopes. He is currently attending Mrs. Serra’s K-II class, and his progress continues to amaze us. The education that has been provided by every educator at Whitehouse Prep not only has encouraged, but also has cultivated his educational, emotional, and social development in countless ways. Moreover, he is completely engaged in student-centered learning that creates happiness, interest, and sincere motivation to connect with others and with the natural world around him. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience for our son, nor could we have received a better gift as his parents. We truly are grateful.

─ Kimberly Peterson

Best experience ever for our girls. Well rounded. It was awesome for our older daughter and I was over the moon when my younger one was accepted just before she turned 3. The difference was evident within a month!!!

Children who go to WHP come out more confident in terms of education and social skills. Definitely well above their peers. Staff is wonderful! Judy and Tony Serra with their hands on approach have set the bar high!

─ Ibiyo Lawrence

My son is new at whitehouse prep. We brought him over after his best friend just shined in their program and her mom could not stop raving. Rhys is getting more of a worldly education in pre school than he would in some colleges. He can count to 25 in Spanish and to 20 to Mandarin. He comes home smiling everyday and I that I get to see what is going on through his folder he takes home everyday. He actually teaches me things he learns in school that I didn’t know! We are so happy he is there and I annoy wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

My daughter has been going to Whitehouse Prep since preschool and she’s has thrived since starting here. There aren’t enough words in the English language to express how terrific this school is. Every teacher and staff member goes above and beyond to ensure your child has the not only the absolute best education possible, but the best preschool/kindergarten experience they can have. It is truly an exceptional place!!!

─ Jennifer Chamberjian Kapoian

Loved the play the children put on for the parents and Grandparents…Cayden has learned so much at Whitehouse Prep. What a wonderful environment for children. Three cheers to all!

─ Bonnie Dilgard

Excellent curriculum, great ethics and good people running the school. As a father of 3x daughters, I would highly recommend Whitehouse Prep

─ Eugene Grant-Sinclair

Our Children Get More Than The Rest, Which Leads To Academic Success!

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