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September Fun in K1!

Happy September!

Welcome to a month full of learning and making new friends!


Language Arts- This month, we are looking forward to reading books together about our play theme, Family! This will help us to build our background knowledge so that we can use it during plan planning time. We will also be learning wonderful nursery rhymes from our friend, Mother Goose! Our comprehension and listening skills will improve with our active listening story labs. Along with listening to wonderful stories, we love to read to our friends during buddy reading as well. With our visual cues (lips and ear), we take turns reading the pictures to one another and developing key concepts of print!


Writing- We are enjoying learning the rules and routines of our play plans. We are working on our ability to make a visual representation of a plan and following through with it. This goes hand and hand with our graphics practice which helps us learn different strokes we can use when we are writing/drawing!


Math- This month we will be exploring with math manipulatives in order to establish routines to let us flourish during the year. The children love creating with the math manipulatives and have already started working together to explore them! We will also be introduced to the game Remember and Replicate, Number Hopscotch, and I Have, Who Has: Numbers.

Science- We were lucky enough to start off our school year with some monarch butterflies. We were even able to see some emerge from their chrysalises! To celebrate this fantastic learning experience, we will have our very own butterfly release and wish them luck on their journey to Mexico!


Social Studies-This month we will be working on getting to know one another and becoming great friends! We will be learning about different types of families and we will create/act out our own scenarios. Along with this, we will learn how we can make others feel good about themselves too. We will read many books like Have you Filled a Bucket Today? and I Accept You as You Are to help support these principles.

We are a Bucket Filling Classroom! 

Mrs. Schroeder and Ms. Hanson 🙂

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