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February Fun in Kl !

Happy February!


Welcome February! We are so excited for a month full of love and learning! 


Language Arts– This month, we are looking forward to celebrating February with poems and songs. We will also be reading books about our theme; Grocery Store. Mother Goose will come in a lot this month to leave us some fun new nursery rhymes/games. We will continue to work on our letter sounds including our short and long vowels. We have become quite the letter experts!


In Writing this month we are so excited to take our next big step in story writing. By the end of this month, we will be using our wonderful knowledge of the letters and sounds to kid spell the beginning and end of each word of our message. We will continue to work on our letter formations as well. We have been working so hard and we have become great writers!

Math-This month we will begin our Numbers and Counting Unit. We are having a lot of fun practicing our number writing and rhymes! We will practice counting forward and backwards with fun games and we will even practice our one-to-one correspondence with counting and group making! 

Science/Social Studies– This month we are learning about Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, and the grocery store. We will be turning our centers into the delivery dock, the deli, the produce section, the floral shop, the bakery, and the check out section. We will incorporate some great literacy and math components such as numbers on deli tickets, taking inventory, paying for groceries, sorting flowers, etc. We will also incorporate some problems into our scenarios to work on the emotional skills. For example, how to behave if we have to wait in a long line to pay for our groceries.  

Miss Sullivan and Miss Sladden 🙂

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