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Mini Court


Using material provided by the New Jersey State Bar Foundation, Whitehouse Prep offers its students the opportunity to be involved in an age-appropriate mock trial in which they role play the lawyers, parties, witnesses, jurors, bailiff and, yes, even the Judge Our feature trial is the case of The Three Bears v. Goldilocks. We are all wondering whether Goldilocks was simply an innocent unsuspecting guest who meant no harm or uninvited stranger looking to cause trouble?? I guess we will all just have to wait to see the outcome of the trial and what the jury thinks! Until then, our children will be learning basic precepts of our legal system and, more importantly, about truth telling, doing the right thing, the importance of being honest, taking responsibility for your actions and accepting the consequences for your actions. These are all important life skills that can be instilled as early as pre-kindergarten. This is a real treat!

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