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Kindergarten II — Overview


Our Kindergarten II program is offered to 5 year olds and young 6 year olds. Like Kindergarten I, the Kindergarten II program is taught by a state certified teacher with a minimum of a BS in ECE/El Ed. The class size will be limited to 15 children with a teacher and an instructional aide. The curriculum in the Kindergarten II program will lay a thorough foundation for the academic demands of first grade. Our academic program will provide instruction in writing, phonics, phonemic awareness, reading, math, science and social studies.


During this year of instruction, the children will still use manipulatives and experiment through observation; however, they will begin to use connecting-level skills that will prepare them for the more abstract skills required in first grade and beyond. Children will be guided through individual conferences, guided reading instruction and small group and whole group instruction using an integrated thematic teaching approach. They will also have art, physical education, music, and instruction in computers and foreign language.


Additional enrichment programs for the Kindergarten II program include a continuation of our Intergenerational and Conflict Resolution/Anti-Bullying Programs, responsibility for maintaining our shared garden and participation in our Mini-Court Program. Our Atelier (central studio) provides the children with a place to create and showcase their artwork and projects utilizing the Reggio Emilia philosophy.


Our Kindergarten II program arouses the curiosity and excitement of learning while providing them a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning.


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