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Intergenerational Program (From the Heart)


In increasing numbers around the country and in places throughout the world, new initiatives are being developed aimed at bringing together young children and older adults, particularly in the childhood education setting. Such initiatives are called Intergenerational Programs and have been shown to improve the level of affection and cognitive stimulation available to children in the classroom as well as demystify stereotypes and negative attitudes towards the elderly.


Whitehouse Prep proudly supports an intergenerational program that it called From the Heart™. As part of the From the Heart™ program, older adults are invited to the school to interact with the children on various projects and activities, many of which are hobbies of the older person. These activities are planned well in advance and there is ample guidance and supervision provided by the school’s staff. And while the children benefit enormously from such a program, the lives of the older adults are enhanced and improved as well. From the Heart™ is an exceptional win-win program for both the School and our community. If you would like to learn more about the From the Heart™ program or possibly volunteer, please click here


. . . . with good training and encouragement from the staff, senior adults can be very effective in increasing the level of affection and cognitive stimulation available to children in the classroom environment.


— Penn State University Developing an Intergenerational Program in Your Early Childcare and Education Center: A Guidebook for Early Childhood Practitioners.

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