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In his insightful book, All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten, author Robert Fulghum reminds us of all the important things we learned in Kindergarten and how many of them remain relevant throughout our lives. Things like remembering to play fair, share everything, put things back where you found them and say you are sorry when you hurt somebody are important life skills. Kindergarten is indeed a very special and important place. Having taught Kindergarten for over 30 years, I know from experience the importance of a sound Preschool and Kindergarten education and the integral role it plays in laying the foundation for future academic success.


Children between the ages of 2 1/2 and 6 are naturally eager to learn and explore new things, so long as they are in an environment that respects their abilities and is developmentally appropriate. Our Preschool and Kindergarten programs are designed to take each child from where he or she is to the highest potential that they can achieve in the  years they are with us. Our Pre-School program is designed especially for two and a half year olds to 4 year olds and is fully aligned with our  Kindergarten program. The Pre-School serves as a stepping stone to our  Kindergarten program and is a wonderful way to introduce a young child to the school environment. All of our programs follow an integrated and enriched curriculum that challenges and motivates each child while fostering a true and genuine love of learning. And all our programs are taught by experienced, state Certified teachers, all of whom provide high quality instruction that educate the whole child, each mind in its own time.


I appreciate your interest in Whitehouse Preparatory School and encourage you to take a tour of our school at any time. Enjoy your visit to our website!


Judith L. Serra

Head of School




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Judy Serra

Head of School/ Kindergarten II Teacher

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